Goodwill toward all …

I don’t “do Christmas” and I do not miss it.

I find it amusing. to see how everyone follows the Corporate agenda. I find the endless repetition of the music, like drek. I don’t do presents, or expect them, or want them. Last year, I turned on the picture of the fireplace with the logs burning. That was it. For three days. No TV except for the logs. Kept myself to myself and got by, the execrable season.

While it is mostly for children. It seems nobody really buys the peace on earth and goodwill for all, much anymore. If they ever did?

More bombs dropping on a sovereign nations. Syria, the size of N.Dakota. Mr. Assad was elected democratically, at least that’s the official version.

So, why? His family has held power for some years. Yet it seems as if most people there, embrace that. If that was a reason for warring on them? Then N.Korea, among other places, should have been first up?

Nope the reasons, like Libya and Morocco. Were because they dared trade their oil for real-time wealth of gold. Instead of the worthless paper offered by the Rothschild banks. Called Petrodollars. The U.S.A has been scamming the oil-producing world for years. Propped up by the archaic kingdoms of Saudi Arabia and Britain.

Mr. Gaddafi was taken out not because he was dictator. But because he dared trade the oil of his nation for the gold dinar. … Oh yeah, peace on earth and goodwill to all? Not when you’re a Zionist.


Gold and Silver currency

Shaving for men …

… and maybe for women?

Every day, my inbox has an email from Kos. Not sure who, or what they are? The email has various news headlines, like today. About “CA policeman rapes 21-year old with internal cavity search and the Dept attempts to bribe her”. Quite the headline. Now the letters CA, to me are short for Canada. Any website here might have the extension .ca Which is a means of differentiating the country the site is from, or about. Yet CA is also the acronym for California as a postal designation.

Yes sensational headlines, for sure. This post is not really about the poor girl or her tribulation. Having been receiving this email, for well over a year. I guess Kos is in the business of news, mainly. With the emphasis on American news and politics. Anyhoo,that’s how we say anyhow, in western Canada. Getting to the nub. At the bottom of the post about this woman and her alleged rape. Seems like you always have to say alleged, to prevent litigation? At the bottom of the page was a link to another post from Kos.

“Why so many guys are loving Harry’s”penned by one Dan Carroll.

In general it is an article about this start-up business, that is having business success. With their 5 bladed razor with a lower price point.

Okay, nice one for those requiring such a thing. The blades are made in Germany. So the consumer instantly thinks … aha quality? Which, well may be the case?

The thought that was mine was why does any man or woman want a five bladed razor in the first place? I mean, I really do mean. How is their quality of shaving life, improved with a five bladed monster of a razor?

Do I shave my face? Not really, usually just the neck area. A razor with three blades, which I consider overkill. A razor with three blades. Each cartridge lasts me about 3-6 months.

Be that as it may? How close does any man, or woman, want the hairless look? Take a three blade razor and pass it over twice. Now you have 6 blades doing the work of five?

The article in Kos, was generally upbeat around the success of the business. Harry’s . Kudos for them, I suppose? I am just bemused by the notion of five blades on shaver head. As well as, the rationale?

1c31965e-foaming-gel-1-4000x1090-extended_0vn0cn0g908704n01lOh and the alleged rape in Kern County, California? Nice to know that authority is employing officers with such a lack of moral compass. It’s what society needs? Police officers, that the department has to go around after. Bribing or rather alleged bribery of its citizens, after the fact. … Nice one, not!

Out of my back door …

The back door of the house where I’m staying.


Looks onto a small deck, ideal for drying clothes. For it faces south-west. On that deck is a place to stand and use the line for drying a small slatted table on wheels a drying rack and a stand for pots of tomatoes. Past the deck is a small shed/barn and a little beyond that. Is a greenhouse for tomatoes, cucumbers and melons and a few of aubergine, or eggplants.





Standing on this deck, looking to left is a child’s playhouse. It is attached to the other deck.. One that my son built for his son, the grandchild, a boy. It has a small plastic slide to take him down to the ground below. It’s the child’s space when he comes to visit. It has a good roof and carpet inside. This back door is mostly used for access to the garden below.





Around the house is many trees. Ones of Fir and mostly Arbutus, or Madrone Some small Garry Oak hidden away. The shrubs are mostly called sea spray or goat’s beard. Better still, is the patio door on another side of house. A patio used for eating and sitting. Surrounded by small birds, mostly. There are bird feeders and water. So, it is a busy place from sun-up to sun-down.















IMG_0163 IMG_0161



Another post, another challenge …

… a challenge that yesterday, I swore not to partake.

But here I am, m’dears … My single photo is a bit of a cheat. In that, my Dad took the snap but it was over fifty years ago … I swear!


My sister named the photo  and subsequent scan, Jamie-muffins … not sure why? As may be seen … some light leaked in on the right. For myself it just adds to the age. … Oh, happy days!

Symbols … or a symbol?

One of the most common Symbols, in society, is the pentagram.




While it comes in a small variety of forms … it is essentially the same whether it be on flags like Ol” Glory, Corporations, Religions or in society, in general.

Old Glory over the USS Arizona  Memorial edit  It is essentially the same symbol. Used by Freemasons, Satanists, Beer makers, Retailers and heck. Even used by WordPress. Whenever we press “like”.

What does it all mean? Why is it in such common usage? Does it have the same meaning?

The most common usage is by United States of America. Denoting each State of the Union. As shown here on their national flag. Why not a dot? A small circle? Nope it’s a five-pointed star, a pentagram. The State of, Washington D.C. even has the symbol in their street plan.

Not exactly obvious in the plan drawn up by Pierre Charles L’Enfant but the main thrust was there. The later street plan, thus:



 Washington D.C.





L’Enfant Plan






This Pentagram is used by Freemasons to represent their god Baphomet.








One might argue that none of this is connected? So, why is it used so much? It’s not exactly an easy symbol to draw. Far simpler would be a small circle. Like a period mark. A square, easier yet. But no, a five sided pentagram. That fits perfectly into the “Pentagon”. The place where all U.S. war strategy is based. Hmmm?

The largest retailer in the world Wal- Mart uses it to separate the Wal, for Walton. From Mart, an abbreviation for Market. Macy’s that, well known, department store uses the symbol. As do beer makers, like Sapporo and Heineken. There are others like Budweiser and so on. Many other times one sees it in corporate signage.

Flags with stars I counted well over a hundred and twenty still counting. The colours change, yet I wonder if the meaning does not?

Musical acts like Pentangle or Pentagram. Black Sabbath. Sports teams Dallas stars or Minnesota North Stars. On and on. The European Union. An unelected body that dictates to its members.

Some might argue the all seeing eye is as big a symbol as the pentagram? Based upon the eye of Horus. EyeofHorus_1000

Sometimes used to depict measurements, or as a symbol to ward off evil?













 [sim-buh l]

Spell Syllables

something used for or regarded as representing something else; amaterial object representing something, often something immaterial;emblem, token, or sign.

a letter, figure, or other character or mark or a combination of lettersor the like used to designate something:

the algebraic symbolx; the chemical symbol Au.

(especially in semiotics) a word, phrase, image, or the like having acomplex of associated meanings and perceived as having inherentvalue separable from that which is symbolized, as being part of thatwhich is symbolized, and as performing its normal function ofstanding for or representing that which is symbolized: usuallyconceived as deriving its meaning chiefly from the structure in whichit appears, and generally distinguished from a sign.
verb (used with object), symboled, symboling or (especiallyBritish) symbolled, symbolling.

to use symbols; symbolize.


Oddball …


So, it seems this Challenge has no direct theme other than something … well, oddball?  So, in that vein, my photos are produced below

IMG_1845 IMG_1846 IMG_1848


A rusting wood chisel found when digging around my house. Built in 1922. Chances are it was lost then?

Something a little more contemporary?

Image 1

The “horse” is a wire sculpture. Found at a British National Trust property Mottisfont Abbey . William my brother-in-law on the reins, myself the horse’s ass. :-] We just had to ham it up.

This photo may be found on a previous post of mine.


Photo on 11-09-26 at 12.22 PM

More than 5 things …

My first go at Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge This challenge is, “More than 5 items”.       Now I’m not sure whether that was five items in one photo? Or more than 5 items? One beret, six poses. It was zany enough for me … so here goes!  

Internet radio …

… So today, Apple has bought out their new music service.

That’s really too bad. For I used to enjoy the many radio stations through the iTunes radio function.

Most of the stations are gone now. Replaced be a few tired looking tiles. Under the headings in their proprietary app or program, iTunes.



The corporatization of media, continues with bland choice and selections. What a shame Apple. Shame on you. I can understand proprietary software. Yet I doubt I’m gonna be paying you on a monthly basis?  Just another corporate whore …