Goodwill toward all …

I don’t “do Christmas” and I do not miss it.

I find it amusing. to see how everyone follows the Corporate agenda. I find the endless repetition of the music, like drek. I don’t do presents, or expect them, or want them. Last year, I turned on the picture of the fireplace with the logs burning. That was it. For three days. No TV except for the logs. Kept myself to myself and got by, the execrable season.

While it is mostly for children. It seems nobody really buys the peace on earth and goodwill for all, much anymore. If they ever did?

More bombs dropping on a sovereign nations. Syria, the size of N.Dakota. Mr. Assad was elected democratically, at least that’s the official version.

So, why? His family has held power for some years. Yet it seems as if most people there, embrace that. If that was a reason for warring on them? Then N.Korea, among other places, should have been first up?

Nope the reasons, like Libya and Morocco. Were because they dared trade their oil for real-time wealth of gold. Instead of the worthless paper offered by the Rothschild banks. Called Petrodollars. The U.S.A has been scamming the oil-producing world for years. Propped up by the archaic kingdoms of Saudi Arabia and Britain.

Mr. Gaddafi was taken out not because he was dictator. But because he dared trade the oil of his nation for the gold dinar. … Oh yeah, peace on earth and goodwill to all? Not when you’re a Zionist.


Gold and Silver currency

Shaving for men …

… and maybe for women?

Every day, my inbox has an email from Kos. Not sure who, or what they are? The email has various news headlines, like today. About “CA policeman rapes 21-year old with internal cavity search and the Dept attempts to bribe her”. Quite the headline. Now the letters CA, to me are short for Canada. Any website here might have the extension .ca Which is a means of differentiating the country the site is from, or about. Yet CA is also the acronym for California as a postal designation.

Yes sensational headlines, for sure. This post is not really about the poor girl or her tribulation. Having been receiving this email, for well over a year. I guess Kos is in the business of news, mainly. With the emphasis on American news and politics. Anyhoo,that’s how we say anyhow, in western Canada. Getting to the nub. At the bottom of the post about this woman and her alleged rape. Seems like you always have to say alleged, to prevent litigation? At the bottom of the page was a link to another post from Kos.

“Why so many guys are loving Harry’s”penned by one Dan Carroll.

In general it is an article about this start-up business, that is having business success. With their 5 bladed razor with a lower price point.

Okay, nice one for those requiring such a thing. The blades are made in Germany. So the consumer instantly thinks … aha quality? Which, well may be the case?

The thought that was mine was why does any man or woman want a five bladed razor in the first place? I mean, I really do mean. How is their quality of shaving life, improved with a five bladed monster of a razor?

Do I shave my face? Not really, usually just the neck area. A razor with three blades, which I consider overkill. A razor with three blades. Each cartridge lasts me about 3-6 months.

Be that as it may? How close does any man, or woman, want the hairless look? Take a three blade razor and pass it over twice. Now you have 6 blades doing the work of five?

The article in Kos, was generally upbeat around the success of the business. Harry’s . Kudos for them, I suppose? I am just bemused by the notion of five blades on shaver head. As well as, the rationale?

1c31965e-foaming-gel-1-4000x1090-extended_0vn0cn0g908704n01lOh and the alleged rape in Kern County, California? Nice to know that authority is employing officers with such a lack of moral compass. It’s what society needs? Police officers, that the department has to go around after. Bribing or rather alleged bribery of its citizens, after the fact. … Nice one, not!