Out of my back door …

The back door of the house where I’m staying.


Looks onto a small deck, ideal for drying clothes. For it faces south-west. On that deck is a place to stand and use the line for drying a small slatted table on wheels a drying rack and a stand for pots of tomatoes. Past the deck is a small shed/barn and a little beyond that. Is a greenhouse for tomatoes, cucumbers and melons and a few of aubergine, or eggplants.





Standing on this deck, looking to left is a child’s playhouse. It is attached to the other deck.. One that my son built for his son, the grandchild, a boy. It has a small plastic slide to take him down to the ground below. It’s the child’s space when he comes to visit. It has a good roof and carpet inside. This back door is mostly used for access to the garden below.





Around the house is many trees. Ones of Fir and mostly Arbutus, or Madrone Some small Garry Oak hidden away. The shrubs are mostly called sea spray or goat’s beard. Better still, is the patio door on another side of house. A patio used for eating and sitting. Surrounded by small birds, mostly. There are bird feeders and water. So, it is a busy place from sun-up to sun-down.















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