Goodwill toward all …

I don’t “do Christmas” and I do not miss it.

I find it amusing. to see how everyone follows the Corporate agenda. I find the endless repetition of the music, like drek. I don’t do presents, or expect them, or want them. Last year, I turned on the picture of the fireplace with the logs burning. That was it. For three days. No TV except for the logs. Kept myself to myself and got by, the execrable season.

While it is mostly for children. It seems nobody really buys the peace on earth and goodwill for all, much anymore. If they ever did?

More bombs dropping on a sovereign nations. Syria, the size of N.Dakota. Mr. Assad was elected democratically, at least that’s the official version.

So, why? His family has held power for some years. Yet it seems as if most people there, embrace that. If that was a reason for warring on them? Then N.Korea, among other places, should have been first up?

Nope the reasons, like Libya and Morocco. Were because they dared trade their oil for real-time wealth of gold. Instead of the worthless paper offered by the Rothschild banks. Called Petrodollars. The U.S.A has been scamming the oil-producing world for years. Propped up by the archaic kingdoms of Saudi Arabia and Britain.

Mr. Gaddafi was taken out not because he was dictator. But because he dared trade the oil of his nation for the gold dinar. … Oh yeah, peace on earth and goodwill to all? Not when you’re a Zionist.


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