We can run but we cannot hide…

I’m all for privacy, yet on the internet it really does not exist. No matter how discreet we attempt to be, it is like doing something at night. In a lit room, without shades.

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So having got that off of my chest. Where do we go from there? My general attitude, is to embrace it. For it is easier to hide something in plain sight, than to keep hidden under wraps. Besides, as long as it’s not illegal … who really cares?

Too often we are a bit ashamed, of the skeletons in our closet. Yet really, that stuff makes us who we are. Therefore it behooves to embrace those things not keeping them hidden. Any shame or embarrassment will dispel.  Once we realize few people either: a) care. Or b) have some sympathy. Or c) empathy, for our embarrassment. I hope this makes sense? … dear reader.

How many people break the law, daily? Crossing a yellow line when driving? Failing to actually stop, at the sign? Walking the dog without a leash? It happens constantly and there is really little consequence for those and many other actions. If there is a consequence, so many will do anything. To wriggle out of owning to the error. … I was doing the speed limit, they whine. Or it was the other person’s fault, etc. Few people will actually hold up their hands and say, I did this or that and I apologize.



It was Plato in 465 BCE who observed. “The good do not need laws telling them what to do and the bad will just find ways around them”.

So where do we all line up on morality? We can run but we really cannot hide from ourselves.

Mirror, Mirror …

A post inspired by impossiblebebong at  My own private Idaho  The challenge being, to open to the first photo of oneself and describe the story of that graphic.

Image 1

The above photo, was the one opened. I am the one at the rear … the horse’s ass? My brother in law holding the reins, of a wire sculpted horse. Looks quite realistic? Doesn’t it? I was visiting my sister. For her daughter, my niece’s wedding. Zoe to Stephen. After the wedding week-end, we visited this place for its gardens. Which were quite lovely.


Mom and sister are seated centre left. The House and Gardens, were at a place called Mottisfont Abbey. Situated on the old Winchester to Canterbury pilgrims’ route. In medieval times it was stopping point https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mottisfont_Abbey . In early 20th century under private ownership it became a wealthy artists colony, of sorts.

The horse pictured. Was sculpted out of wire used atop thatched roofs. To hold down the thatch. We found it very realistic, as most other visitors. It was situated in the old stable area along with the tea room. Will and I just had to “ham it up”.